Choosing a veterinarian is a very important decision. It is imperative to find an equine veterinary health professional who shares your philosophy on the medical care of your horse.

As your horse’s primary care provider, Dr. Reid-Burke will get to know your horse's health history, listen to your concerns and needs (as well as your horse's). Our aim is to develop a personalized care plan for you and your horse.

Services include:

24 hour on farm emergency coverage

We are pleased to offer a 24 hour on farm emergency service to our clients. Emergency situations include: colic, wounds, eye trauma, foaling difficulty or other severe illness. 

Preventative Health Care

Preventative care is of the utmost importance to ensuring your horse’s long-term well-being. Annual preventative care visits will ensure that we are informed about both you and your horse. Regular physical exams allow for the early identification of health problems and the initiation of treatment. Preventative care visits include the administration of a personalized vaccination, deworming and dentistry care plan.

Pre-purchase examinations

We provide a range of pre-purchase exam options designed to meet your individual needs.

A basic pre-purchase exam includes a thorough physical examination of the horse as well as a gait examination with flexion testing.  Further assessments can be made using digital radiography, ultrasonography, and/or endoscopy as well as laboratory tests including coggins testing (EIA), complete blood count, biochemistry and drug screening.

Lameness Examinations


We are equipped to offer a wide range of lameness diagnostics including gait examination, flexion testing, nerve and joint blocks, digital radiography and digital ultrasonography. When required we offer referral for advanced diagnostics including MRI, CT scan, or scintigraphy (bone scan). 

Lameness treatment plans are tailored to the individual needs of you and your horse.  Plans may include rest, rehabilitative exercise, systemic medications, joint injections, shockwave therapy, surgical intervention or alternative therapies. 

General Medicine

We provide evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical disorders.


Common conditions include:

Respiratory - viral and bacterial respiratory diseases, recurrent airway obstruction (heaves)

Gastrointestinal - colic, diarrhea, weight loss

Ophthalmologic - corneal ulcers, uveitis

Dermatologic - Pruritus (itch), hives, tumors

Endocrine- equine metabolic syndrome, pars pituitary intermedia dysfunction (Cushing’s)

Neonatal - Foal examinations, failure of passive transfer

    Using a variety of diagnostic tests we will assess the nature and cause of the illness and recommend a personalized treatment plan.  Referral to a specialist is offered when required or at your request.

    General Surgery

    Castration and wound repair as well as other minimally invasive procedures can be performed on the farm.  When required or at your request we offer referral to hospital for specialized surgical intervention.



    We offer a range of reproductive services including breeding soundness examinations, staging of the reproductive cycle by uterine and ovarian ultrasound scanning and vaginoscopy, uterine culture and cytology, cooled semen artificial insemination and pregnancy detection.